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Madden/Gordon Bill To Protect Wheelchair-Bound Passengers Gets Final Legislative Approval

Senator Fred Madden, D-Gloucester and Camden, speaks at a news conference about the need for a bill to require legislators to disclose the source of any income, direct or indirect, derived from public sources.

TRENTON � A measure sponsored by Senators Fred H. Madden and Bob Gordon, which would require wheelchair-bound riders in passenger vehicles be secured using a wheelchair securement device received unanimous final legislative approval today from the full Senate.

�In the event of an accident, an unsecured wheelchair could be thrown forward through a windshield, seriously injuring its occupant, other passengers in that car, and others nearby,� said Senator Madden, D-Camden and Gloucester. �Requiring that wheelchair-bound passengers be secured would help to prevent these types of accidents and increase safety for everyone who uses New Jersey�s roadways.�

�As we move through the summer months, our roads will be come increasingly more crowded,� said Senator Gordon, D-Bergen. �As traffic increases, so does the likelihood of dangerous accidents. This legislation is another step in the right direction toward increasing passenger safety for all who travel New Jersey�s roads.�

The Senators� bill, S-989, calls for all wheelchair passengers to be secured with a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards approved securement device.

Under the bill, �passenger automobiles� includes vans, pick-up trucks and utility vehicles.

Failure to comply with the bill�s provisions would result in a $100 fine for drivers.

This measure now heads to the Governor�s desk where his signature would make it State law. #

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