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Senator Rice Urges Residents To Reach Out To Congressional Offices For Inauguration Tickets

Senator Ronald Rice on the Auto Insurance Bill Signing

NEWARK – Senator Ronald L. Rice today released the following statement, regarding the high volume of calls his office has been receiving from constituents looking for Presidential Inauguration tickets:

“While I am pleased with the interest the public is taking in the political process, and their overwhelming support for President-Elect Obama, I don’t have any Inauguration tickets to give,” said Senator Rice, D-Essex. “Residents should instead reach out to their local Congressmen or U.S. Senators for tickets, which will be distributed free of charge, on a first come, first served basis.”

Senator Rice went on to note that residents should be wary of any websites claiming to offer tickets to the Inaugural swearing-in, as the tickets will only be distributed to Congressional offices a week before the event, and will require an in-person pickup.

While the tickets are not necessary to attend the swearing-in ceremony, ticket holders will have closer access than those without tickets, Senator Rice said.

“I am looking forward to January 20. The history that has already been made with the selection of Barack Obama to serve as the nation’s first Black President, and 44th President is truly amazing, and I fully understand why everyone is trying to get their hands on tickets for the Inaugural festivities. I just want my constituents to know who to contact, to ensure that they are able to be present in Washington D.C. for these truly historic events,” Senator Rice said.

Residents can find their local Congressmen by visiting They can find their U.S. Senators by visiting