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Senator Sweeney Reacts To the State Of The State

Increasing the Minimum Wage is a Necessity for Working Poor

TRENTON – Senator Stephen M. Sweeney, D-Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem, issued the following statement today, regarding Acting Governor Richard J. Codey’s comments on working to increase the State’s minimum wage in his 2005 State of the State address.

“During today’s address Governor Codey touched on the important subject of the State’s inadequate minimum wage. New Jersey has one of the highest costs of living in the nation, but at $5.15, our minimum wage ranks among the states with the lowest cost of living.

“Residents are having to work two and three jobs just to make ends meet and provide the very basic necessities for themselves and their families, and when this happens there is no chance for advancement.

“Last November I introduced a bill, S-2065, to increase the State’s minimum wage to $7 because I believe that New Jersey owes its residents a chance to earn more while working more reasonable hours. I am committed to working with the Governor and New Jersey’s labor unions to pass this measure and help improve the quality of life for the nearly two million workers living below the poverty level.”

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