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Turner Statement On The Inauguration Of Jon Corzine

TRENTON – Senator Shirley K. Turner, D-Mercer and Chair of the Senate Education Committee, made the following statement following the swearing in of Jon Corzine as New Jersey’s 54th Governor:

“Inauguration Day presents an opportunity for new beginnings and a fresh outlook on tackling the persistent issues that face New Jersey.

“Governor Corzine realizes that we need to work to make New Jersey a place that is not just accessible for everyone, but affordable, as well. Our diversity as a community, not only culturally but also economically, gives us great of strength. But it also presents challenges for our most needy as they look to raise their families in the richest state in the nation.

“Today Governor Corzine spoke of the proud tradition of providing the best education for our students. Whether you are rich or poor, a good education opens all doors, and we need to make sure that in both our small towns and big cities that a quality, affordable education can be had, from kindergarten through college.

“We must also continue down the path toward providing affordable housing for all New Jersey residents, so that every mother and father making an honest living can provide their families with a safe, permanent home.

“At the same time, we must remain fiscally and ethically responsible. We have a budget gap to close, a property tax crisis that can no longer go unaddressed, and a level of distrust in government that can not go unignored. These are not simple problems and they don’t have easy answers, but today gives us hope that Governor Corzine will work with the Legislature to address both ethics reform and property tax reform in a substantial way.”

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