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Van Drew Asks For A Moratorium On New Regulations In NJ

Senator Jeff Van Drew, D-Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland, hears testimony during the Senate Environment Committee.

(CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE, NJ)– Today Senator Jeff Van Drew announced that he has requested Governor Jon Corzine to consider an Executive Order to place a moratorium on and new regulations that could in any way affect the economy of the Garden State. Last week Assemblyman Joe Malone made the same request of the Governor. His Assembly Colleagues Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matt Milam joined him in that request. Van Drew also announced that he is in the process of drafting legislation that would accomplish that same goal. He is also asking that a moratorium on all new mandates for local and county government be put in place and that all mandates be evaluated. These mandates translate into higher property taxes.

“Our top priority, in the State of New Jersey must be to create new jobs, increase employment, decrease the size of State Government, and stimulate the economy. New Jersey needs to become more competitive and this is a time in our history when we need to focus more on insuring that our residents can afford to live in New Jersey. It is not a time when we can tolerate an agenda which makes New Jersey less competitive,” said Van Drew.

Recent reports have demonstrated that unemployment is rising and the exodus of NJ residents continues.

25% of the population in the US lives within a 24 hour drive of New Jersey. The Garden State has the highest test scores for our students, highest per capita income, and the highest number of students who aspire to go to college in the nation.

“We have tremendous potential but our residents and businesses are growing very tired and weary of fees, taxes, and new regulations. We need a special economic incentive package. We need to promote tourism manufacturing and technology, our top three industries as well as incentivizing small businesses and entrepreneurial activity in the State,” said Van Drew.

Van Drew who is one of the most prolific bill writers in the legislature, also pledged to refrain from pushing any new legislation that has a price tag attached to it. Albano and Milam have pledged the same in the Assembly.

“We also need to take a look at the mandates places on county and local governments. We should stop placing more mandates on them until we evaluate the affect they have on the taxpayer,” said Van Drew.