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Van Drew/Girgenti Resolution Designating Sept. 11 ‘American Heroes Day’ Approved By Senate

Returning members of the State Senate are sworn in

TRENTON – A resolution sponsored by Senators Jeff Van Drew and John A. Girgenti to designate Sept. 11 of each year as American Heroes Day in honor of the emergency responders throughout the state who put their lives on the line to serve and protect the people of New Jersey was approved today by the full Senate.

“The 9/11 terrorist attacks brought to the forefront the courageous acts of heroism our emergency responders perform every day in the line of duty, when they are called upon to respond to dangerous events despite their own safety risks,” said Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May/Cumberland/Atlantic). “New Jersey firefighters, police officers and emergency services personnel make tremendous sacrifices in order to ensure that all of us are safe and secure. It is fitting that we dedicate a day to pay tribute to the contributions they make to this state, and what better day to do that than Sept. 11.”

“On Sept. 11, the entire country witnessed the selfless and heroic acts of the emergency personnel who responded to the World Trade Center. Our police officers, firefighters and emergency services personnel were among those ranks, bravely carrying out their duties as they do every single day in our communities,” said Senator John Girgenti (D-Passaic). “Their actions on that day highlighted the truly heroic job they perform regularly to serve and protect their fellow citizens in spite of the risk that may exist to their own lives. On Sept. 11, we should all take the time to honor all of our American heroes.”

The joint resolution (SJR-49) calls for the Governor to annually issue a proclamation establishing Sept. 11 as “American Heroes Day” to salute the contributions of police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel to the security and well-being of this state. Annually, with the Legislature, the governor shall call upon all residents of the state to celebrate this day with appropriate activities and programs.

The measure now goes to the Assembly for consideration.

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