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Weinberg Cites Personal End-Of Life Benefit To Paid Family Leave

TRENTON – Senator Loretta Weinberg, a co-sponsor of the proposed Paid Family Leave Law, S-786, released the following statement today which includes floor comments on how she valued time spent with her husband, Irwin, prior to his death.

“It’s true that this bill has been around for over 10 years, but it’s better now than it’s ever been before. It’s fairer to the business community, but it will still achieve the goal of giving workers peace of mind while they tend to critically needed time with family members.

“Just about nine years ago, my husband, Irwin, was released from the hospital and sent home for the last four weeks of his life. Fortunately, I was able to spend all those last precious moments with him as well as time before that in the hospital. Because I had good health insurance and a great staff as a member of the Assembly, I was able to create my own family leave. Next to having our children, that time I had with Irwin was the most important experience of my life. With the gift of time I had with Irwin, it’s impossible for me not to fight for the same resources for other wives, mothers and loved ones.

“The sky won’t fall when we get family leave. Bars stayed open when we lowered the blood alcohol content for drunken driving Restaurants didn’t close when we banned smoking in public places and insurance companies are still functioning after we passed a 48-hour hospital stay for new moms and their babies. Likewise, businesses will continue to function with workers whose lives will be richer because of the family time they secured through this legislation.”

The Senate passed the bill 22-16 and forwarded it to the Assembly.