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Weinberg Says Governor Failed To Recognize The Real Problems Faced By New Jersey


TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg issued the following statement on Tuesday in response to the Governor Chris Christie’s State of the State speech:

“The governor’s speech was like listening to a tale of ‘Alec in Wonderland’ that described a separate reality. His emphasis on Hurricane Sandy ignores a record of failure that includes the highest unemployment rate in 35 years, the second highest rate of mortgage foreclosures, the fifth worst rate of growth in personal income, a poverty rate that has grown every year he’s been in office and a shrinking middle class.

“The reality is the economic figures have grown worse and the hard conditions they impose on everyday people have become more severe.

“The governor’s failure to address these issues over three years has had real-life consequences for the people of New Jersey. His refusal to acknowledge the terrible reality they create will allow the problems to grow worse. And his attempt to describe a record of success is a bad sign that he won’t do what is needed to correct his record or to address the needs of middle class families and working people in the year ahead. He’s denying the terrible reality of his policy failures.

“The governor needs to get real about his failed record and get serious with policies and actions that will undo the damage he’s done.”