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Beach Calls On Governor To Sign Legislation That Would Ensure Sexual Assault Victims Are Not Charged For Examinations

TRENTON – Senator Jim Beach (D-Camden) issued the following statement today calling on Governor Christie to sign S-972, legislation that would ensure that victims of sexual assault are not charged any fee for services that are directly associated with a forensic sexual assault examination; and ensure that victims of sexual assault receive information to that effect. The bill, which Beach co-sponsored, passed both houses by a combined vote of 115-0 and has been sitting on the governor’s desk since late June:

“It is my sincere hope that Governor Christie will sign this bill as soon as possible. It enjoyed bipartisan support in the Legislature and needs to be enacted immediately.

“This is legislation that is really just a matter of common sense. Why we would have victims of these kinds of crimes pay for their examination is beyond comprehension. We simply can’t have that here in New Jersey.

“I strongly urge the governor to do the right thing and put his signature on this legislation now.”