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Preview – Property Tax Credits, Five Committees On Monday’s Senate Agenda

TRENTON – The Senate will take up key components of the Property Tax special session recommendations, including legislation that will commit $2 billion in property tax credits for 95% of New Jersey homeowners, when it meets on Monday.

Senate President Codey said the session should lead to historic levels of property tax relief for New Jersey residents.

“This plan will provide significant and sustainable, long-term relief for taxpayers,” said Senator Codey, D-Essex. “I am confident there will be strong bipartisan support for our efforts to help seniors, working families and tenants receive more relief than ever before in State history.”

Bill S-20/A-1, which is sponsored by Senator Codey and Senate Majority Leader Bernard F. Kenny, Jr., would provide a 20% property tax credit to all homeowners earning an income of up to $100,000. Under the bill, those homeowners with annual incomes of between $100,000 and $150,000 would get a 15% reduction and those making between $150,000 and $250,000 would see a 10% reduction in their property tax bill. Also included in the bill is a 4% levy cap on counties, municipalities, and school and fire districts.

The Senate will also vote on Senator Sharpe James’ bill (S-18) that would prohibit individuals from holding two elected offices at the same time as well as S-19, sponsored by Senator Bob Smith, that would implement many of Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts’ CORE reform proposals.

The Senate voting session will begin at 2 p.m.

Five Senate Committees will also hold hearings on Monday. The Community and Urban Affairs Committee and the Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee will hold a joint public hearing to discuss issues related to Emergency Assistance housing for recipients of Work First New Jersey. The Committee expects to hear from the Commissioners of the Department of Community Affairs, Health and Senior Services and Human Services.

The joint committee hearing will be held at 11 a.m. in Committee Room 11.

At 10 a.m. in Committee Room 6, the Senate Labor Committee will convene to consider two bills. One of the bills, S-2248, sponsored by Senators Steve Sweeney and Barbara Buono, would extend temporary disability benefits to individuals taking leave to care for sick family members or newborn and newly adopted children.

Also meeting at 10 a.m. will be the Senate Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee. The Committee will discuss issues related to the State Lottery, including legislation sponsored by Senator Buono to require lottery prizes over $600 be used to satisfy any debt owed to State government. The Committee will also receive testimony from several speakers on issues surrounding the possible monetization of the Lottery.

The Committee will meet in Committee Room 10.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will also meet in Committee Room 4 at 10 a.m. to consider five nominations, including the reappointment of Dr. Fred Jacobs as Commissioner of Health and Senior Services.

A copy of all agendas are attached.

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