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VIDEO – Senate Democrats’ Week In 60 Seconds (1.17)

After taking the oath of office as Senate President for a record sixth term, Senator Sweeney called for a major commitment to the state’s priority needs of clean water, education and New Jersey Transit this week. As the lame duck session came to a close this week, over 120 bills were voted out including the misclassification bill package, vote-by-mail reforms, school safety bills, bills to counter the vaping crisis and tobacco use, banning single-use plastics, juvenile incarceration and parole reforms and municipal funding for the arts. Lastly, this week there were numerous bills signed into law including a package of bills to codify the Affordable Care Act in New Jersey, as well as a bill to eliminate the Motor Vehicle Commission surcharge system and a supplemental appropriation to improve safety for churches, synagogues, mosques and other non-profit facilities.

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