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Senator Weinberg speaks at a press conference on marriage equality.

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, a leading advocate for marriage equality in New Jersey, issued the following statement on Friday following the decision by the state Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriages starting October 21st:

“This is a triumphant day for all the people of New Jersey as well as for same-sex couples.

 “By extending the same rights and benefits to gay partners in marriage that are allowed for others, we are extending justice and equality more broadly throughout the state. We are a better people and a better state with marriage equality.

 “It has been a long and demanded effort by many people to make this happen but we knew it was a cause worth fighting for and that we were destined to succeed. We embraced noble intentions with knowledge of the real-life implications for loving, same-sex couples who want to commit to the bond of marriage. It is now the law and the reality in New Jersey.

 “I hope that the Supreme Court also makes the right decision to allow marriage equality when it rules on the issue itself. The decision by the appeals court was clear and definitive in its support of the right for same-sex couples to have the same rights and benefits in marriage as others. I believe the Supreme Court should come to the same conclusion.

 “It is still important that we have a law on the books that clearly defines same-sex marriages. I urge the governor to drop his opposition and sign a marriage equality bill. I will continue to work to override his veto of the legislation already approved by both houses of the Legislature. Marriage equality is now here, but it is important that the law is done right.”



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