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Diegnan Working on Package to Combat ‘Hellish’ Lines at the MVC

Trenton – In response to disturbing reports of overcrowding and day-long lines at Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) locations across the state, Senator Patrick Diegnan has begun work on a package of bills to help alleviate the current conditions which are both time consuming and make it difficult to maintain proper social distancing.

“The situation at the MVC is unacceptable. Not only are people camping out in the middle of the night, but the spill-over is making safe social distancing nearly impossible,” said Senator Diegnan, Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “This legislation would take immediate action to protect our most vulnerable populations like seniors and folks medically incapable of wearing masks. This is an opportunity to bring our MVC network into the 21st Century. We need to find solutions for this emergency now.”

Senator Diegnan is proposing three initial pieces of legislation that would reduce lines and crowds at the MVC:

I. Immediately extend licenses for a year to senior citizens

II. Designate a day that will be for appointment only. This would be people who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition(s)

III. Require MVC to start a pilot program similar to Ohio’s “Get On Line” program – a virtual queue system, which would allow residents to advance in the queue without physically waiting in the office. After checking in online or on a mobile application, residents would have a four-hour window to arrive at the deputy registrar location, check in at a self-service kiosk, and claim their spot in line.

The legislations proposed above will be introduced in the coming weeks.

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