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Diegnan Statement in Support of Protests for Justice and Change

Trenton – Senator Patrick Diegnan has issued the following statement on the protests taking place across New Jersey calling for justice and change:

“I want to salute the men and women across our state who continue to come together to peacefully protest for the basic right of every American citizen to be treated and viewed equally, regardless of the color of their skin. New Jersey prides itself on its diversity, but when the rights of our citizens are not valued equally because of race, then significant change is in need.

“Let George Floyd’s plea, ’I can’t breathe,’ be forever blazed in our conscience. Let we as Americans and people of conscience commit ourselves to give breath to what this great country is meant to represent; freedom to be heard, freedom to live our lives, freedom from fear itself. These precious rights must be protected in order for all Americans to live freely and we must collectively speak up when they are infringed upon.

“Let us once and for all bury the hate of prejudice and hold accountable all of those who deny it, ignore it and stoke its deadly grip.

“We can no longer remain silent!”

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