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Sweeney Statement on Anniversary of 9-11

9-11 Ceremony resizwe

TRENTON – Senate President Steve Sweeney issued the following statement today marking the eighteenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks:

“Today marks the eighteenth anniversary of one of the most tragic and traumatic days in our history as a Nation. The wounds may never be fully healed for the families, loved ones, coworkers and friends of those whose lives were lost, but they will be forever remembered for their courage and sacrifice in the face of fatal danger.

“The firefighters, police officers, first responders, military members and civilians who gave their lives became an inspiration to us all. They serve as a constant reminder of the resilience of our country, our fortitude as Americans and our strength when we are unified in support of our shared values.

“As we gather today at ceremonies and memorials, at churches, synagogues and mosques, or in our communities, we need to remember the fallen, the families who continue to mourn their loss. They will never be forgotten.

“We must also honor the countless men and women in uniform who continue the vigilance of service and sacrifice at home and abroad to protect us from ongoing threats. We give our thanks to them and for the freedoms they are serving to preserve.”

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