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Cruz-Perez Statement on Camden Protests

Trenton – Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez issued the following statement on the protests taking place across the nation and the recognition the City of Camden has received for their peaceful demonstration calling for justice and change:

“The sight of Camden city residents and our police force marching side-by-side, protesting the tragic death of George Floyd while calling for nationwide police reforms in a display of solidarity, provided our country with hope amidst outrage. Hope that cities across America can one day achieve the kind of communal relationship between residents and the police as Camden has done.

“The protests occurring across the nation should not be viewed as a political issue, but rather as a call for basic human rights. True change is needed in our country. We need to see policies implemented that addresses institutional racism. There must be accountability when the rights of our citizens are violated and all facets of government must practice a zero-tolerance approach towards racism.

“This is a pivotal moment in our society’s history and I am proud that Camden was recognized in its efforts to call for progress and true equality for all Americans.”

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